As I begin my week traveling to New Orleans for a conference it occurred to me that I have been given a rare and wonderful opportunity to get up every morning and impact the world through my career choice. Several times I havenew orleans heard others talk about how they dislike their job, boss or their co-workers.  I can’t imagine living my life working a job where I don’t have personal and professional satisfaction.  With all of that said I know that I have been diligent to get where I am today and I hope that you will find something in my writings that will encourage you to find your path or stay on a path you are meant to travel until you get to your next destination.

This week (unless another thought comes to mind) will be my last piece in my “Things I Learned While Working My Dream Job(s)” series. I think one of the biggest and best lessons I learned is to always offer more than they expect and live up to your references.  As I stated in an earlier post, nobody should be expected to stay in a job that isn’t all you had hoped and when that happened to me in my first dream job, I was devastated, but knew after having the dream, I couldn’t settle, so the search began.

As in many job searches you are required to list references and while these can be any number of people you know, you Connectedshould take time to ensure that they are people who will reflect your personal and professional skills and attitude honestly. As I have written in other posts, I immediately thought of Sarah since I had been able to prove my ability to learn new skills while listening to others (both things are very important in a new job) and excel on my own.

As expected Sarah gave me a wonderful reference and called me shortly afterwards to discuss the conversation.   I had to laugh when she said “they probably think you are too good to be true,”  meaning that she had shared everything she knew I was capable of, even if I didn’t know.  I knew at that moment I had delivered more than she had expected when I took my first dream job and deserved the reference I had worked for nearly eleven years (even though she and I had only worked together for two) to receive.

Don’t be afraid to put your skills to the test and surprise people with your abilities, you might be surprised yourself at what you can do and how those actions can offer future opportunities you didn’t know existed. Living up to positive comfort zoneexpectations that others have about you can be enlightening and we should all strive to see ourselves through others who believe in and encourage us to be our best.


Have an Enlightened Day