As my last Things I Learned by Helping Others post, I had to dig deep to find a post worthy lesson.  Sometimes it isn’tDigging for Ideas that I haven’t learned something, its that I need to think beyond the obvious and that’s what I have had to do this week.

I find myself amazed by the generosity of others, especially during the holiday season, but generally people want to and can be engaged to help others all year long.  Think about a passion you have to make a difference in the world; animals, kids or finding a cure and focus on why, what and how you invest.  Do you share your story with others or attempt to draw others into your mission?

As I have traveled this wonderful path of helping others, it has come to my attention that while it is important to use sharingyour talents for more than personal gain it is equally important to tell others about it and not in a bragging manner, but in a way that shares your passion with others.  Many people in this world are looking for ways to connect to a purpose and all they need is a guide.  The truth is very few missions have enough hands to do all the current work; let alone enough to complete any dream ideas that those closest to the mission hope to accomplish.

If you have a cause that you invest in and feel that your connection makes you feel like you are making a difference inIt Starts with You this world, then I challenge you to share with others.  You might be surprised how many others you can inspire to find their own connect to purpose!

Have an Enlightened Day