Oh, the holiday season has begun, let the chaos ensue! :}  Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come givng tuesday logoand gone, but I became aware, as many of you may have, through social media and other media outlets, yesterday was “Giving Tuesday,” a day to give back.  This is the first year I became aware of this global initiative to bring everyone together for the greater good.  Apparently this event has been held on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving since 2012 (Giving Tuesday) and was created by the 92nd Street Y in New York City.  Giving back to your fellow man seems easy when someone creates a special day to recognize that it takes everyone to make this big blue ball go round. Your time, money, ideas and energy all make a difference and when many around you are doing something it inspires you to be a part of that great opportunity.

While you read this blog you may find that I reflect back, A LOT, on situations that have shaped who I am and whilereflection writing this series about “Things I Learned by Helping Others”  I can’t help, but think that my overall lesson has been how good it feels to help others without the expectations you have when you work to get paid or buy a product off the shelf.

I must admit I have been struggling to find my holiday cheer and while my husband has no lack of spirit as he meanders (I say this because I am a get in, get out type who rarely enters a store without a mission in mind) through the stores thinking about all the things he wants to buy to bring joy to the ones he buys for, all I can think about is “are we done yet?”  I touched on buying in last week’s post about being thankful and finding solutions to enjoy the things money can’t buy (Part 5), but for some reason I couldn’t relate to this week’s emotions of “What’s wrong with me and my lack of joy” until I sat heartdown to write this post.  Over the years what I find makes me happiest is giving of myself (time, energy, ideas & sometimes money) because at heart I am a servant to my fellow man and for nothing other than the woe as me irrelevant excuses, I forgot the single most important element to my joy.

I challenge you, not just this holiday season, but every day to recognize how you are serving someone else and the feeling you receive when you give without getting.  Now off to help others!!

Have an Enlightened Day