As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches and everyone is rushing about to get to one place or another.  I am reminded of how we all lose sight of what being thankful really means.  It seemsturkey Christmas gets here before Halloween is over and the stress begins before we remember that we all have many things to be thankful for in our daily lives.  Its not the same for everyone, maybe you have health, another it may be a job or still having parents to celebrate with during the season.  Life is short,  do we really want to look back and see discontent and frustration over a time of year where we all have the opportunity to reflect upon the things that money can’t buy?

I had the chance to learn many skills while helping others and my employer at the time made sure I had the proper training to help those who sought our assistance.  One of my classes taught me how to lead a solutions based conversation, where you offer the seeker the ability to review their telephonesituation and guided them in identifying their resources.  I think we all have lack of direction when turmoil arises, but it is comforting to seek out a confident to discuss your predicament and get guidance on either how they solved a similar issue or for them to remind you about the tools you have to solve your problem.  I think we can all relate, when we use our “call a friend lifeline,”  for most of us it won’t equate to a million dollars, but if you think about it, you probably can’t buy that kind of advice.

I challenge you this year instead of focusing on how you don’t have enough time, money, energy, etc.,  focus on the solutions of all those things, do you need to buy all that stuff ?  Not buying all that stuff will eliminate most of the issues with money, time & energy it takes.  Will your mom christmas puppyremember the scarf you bought her or would she remember that you helped cook dinner and if you are anything like my family, the follies that come with just being together?  Maybe your problem isn’t any of the things I mentioned, maybe yours is more of a challenge, a family disagreement that keeps you separated or any host of other human experiences that rob our joy.  This one year can you find a solution that may help you and those around you find peace at a time of year when we should all be offered happiness and good memories?

Have an Enlightened Day