If you are lucky, late night in a hotel room is the quietest place on earth and tonight as I start my post, it appears that Icreative am a lucky person!  It provides the perfect place to create, so when I arrived around 8:30pm I decided to start my creative juices flowing with a few thank you cards for a recent event and at 11:00pm I am finishing my night with my blog post (which will post at 3:00pm tomorrow- Wednesday.)  Not too shabby for a full days work and drive, besides ending my day doing something I find relaxing allows for a great night’s sleep.

This week’s post deals with learning to accept people for who they are and when you attempt to help people you have to be prepared to work with them where they are as well as how in-depth you are savingwilling to go to assist them.  For those of us (you know who you are) who want to save the world it can be a hard lesson to realize you aren’t going to save everyone.  Some people don’t want to be saved, they think that their situation is different or they can’t seem to make the commitment required.  Regardless of the mind set, us “savers of the world”  have our own challenges when it comes moving on from those difficult cases.

I once had a personal situation where I couldn’t give up on this one particular person and no matter how much I talked and walked away thinking I had made a real difference, as soon as I turned the corner the issue usually got worse.  When I talked to a family member about this situation, sitting in a rocking chair on my Mom’s front porch drinking sweet iced tea (it is a very vivid memory that changed my perspective) this family memberpuzzle said “The only time someone makes a drastic change is when the pain of staying the same is greater then the pain of change.”  Now I’m not sure where this quote came from or if it is the exact words, but all of sudden, I quickly thought back on my own life and realized she was right.  Why change when you think scraping by is working?

We’ve all heard the adage “you can’t change them,”  and in most instances this is true, but if someone wants to change for the sake of compromise, then it can appear that you changed them, when in reality they made the change based on their own ideas aligning with yours.  Offering advise strengthwhen asked, can allow the person to seek you out and doesn’t make you look like an expert (know-it-all.)  Only you can change yourself and how you react to a situation, its important to let others deal with the consequences of their actions while finding ways to minimize the impact on you.


Have An Enlightened Day