I been on a long break, because someone hid my glitter :(. Have you ever had someone make a comment that made you lose your groove?  I had this happen earlier this year and couldn’t move beyond.  It’s a horrible feeling to be doing something you enjoy and then have someone make you feel like you are not entitled to make yourself happy.

It’s hard to balance work and a hobby, but when you are made to feel as though you can’t use your personal time to pursue another outlet, it brings on a new perspective.

Recently, I decided I needed to get back to me and do what I set out to do…share my life’s lessons and help others learn more about papercrafting.  I started by applying for a design team and then I filmed my first instructional card video, which you can watch by clicking below.  I hope you find this video and post inspiring to continue your passion.

Never let anyone hide your glitter! Hang onto it with all your mite and if you experience a similar situation stop what you are doing and find it, you’re worth it and you deserve to do something that makes you happy!

Have an Enlightened Day!