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Life Lessons Should be More Than an Afterthought

Things I Learned by Helping Others Part 7

As my last Things I Learned by Helping Others post, I had to dig deep to find a post worthy lesson.  Sometimes it isn’t that I haven’t learned something, its that I need to think beyond the obvious and that’s what I have had to do this week. I find myself amazed by the generosity of others, especially during the holiday season, but generally people want to and can be engaged to help.. Read More

Things I Learned by Helping Others Part 6

Oh, the holiday season has begun, let the chaos ensue! :}  Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, but I became aware, as many of you may have, through social media and other media outlets, yesterday was “Giving Tuesday,” a day to give back.  This is the first year I became aware of this global initiative to bring everyone together for the greater good.  Apparently this event has been held.. Read More