Greeting Lessons

Life Lessons Should be More Than an Afterthought

Things I Learned by Helping Others Part 5

As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches and everyone is rushing about to get to one place or another.  I am reminded of how we all lose sight of what being thankful really means.  It seems Christmas gets here before Halloween is over and the stress begins before we remember that we all have many things to be thankful for in our daily lives.  Its not the same for everyone, maybe you have health,.. Read More

Things I Learned by Helping Others Part 4

If you are lucky, late night in a hotel room is the quietest place on earth and tonight as I start my post, it appears that I am a lucky person!  It provides the perfect place to create, so when I arrived around 8:30pm I decided to start my creative juices flowing with a few thank you cards for a recent event and at 11:00pm I am finishing my night with my blog.. Read More

Things I Learned While Helping Others Part 3

This week is flying by so much so that I lost momentum and failed to post at 3pm today.  Over the years I have learned to accept shortcomings as a fact of life and decided it is not a reason to quit, only to move beyond. This week my post is about how we find our way when we have not lived up to our own expectations. I think we have all experienced.. Read More

Things I Learned by Helping Others Part 2

As I watch the cursor blink on the screen it occurs to me that I have the lesson in mind without a specific story.  I have been in the nonprofit world for many years and have had the ability to help people throughout my career.  I know I have a great example for my lesson, I only need to recall the one that works best.  I share my blogging struggles because I want.. Read More