Greeting Lessons

Life Lessons Should be More Than an Afterthought

Things I Learned By Helping Others Part 1

As I struggle to regain a normal schedule after a long week that included my trip to New Orleans, a special event and many extra-curricular activities; I find myself exhausted, but inspired to share stories about how life situations have built my character.  I am writing this post without a title and hope when I get to the end I will be enlightened to assign a title to this series. Many years ago.. Read More

Things I Learned While Working My Dream Job(s) Part 7

As I begin my week traveling to New Orleans for a conference it occurred to me that I have been given a rare and wonderful opportunity to get up every morning and impact the world through my career choice. Several times I have heard others talk about how they dislike their job, boss or their co-workers.  I can’t imagine living my life working a job where I don’t have personal and professional satisfaction. .. Read More

Things I Learned While Working My Dream Job(s) Part 6

We all get to an age where we hope that our years of paying our dues pays off.  Spending your 20’s and 30’s building skills and contacts provides a career base that will take you to the next level of success.  After college, I can remember working in positions that I didn’t give much thought about where I wanted to go or how to get there. In my very first post: Things I Learned.. Read More

Things I Learned While Working My Dream Job(s) Part 5

Have you ever worked in an environment where one person seems to avoid responsibility or finds a way around accountability and still appears successful?  Now I’m not referring to the school yard “its not fair” attitude, I’m talking about those moments when you feel like you have met or exceeded expectations yet you are still requested to produce more, while others seem to barely do the minimum. I think we have all felt.. Read More