Greeting Lessons

Life Lessons Should be More Than an Afterthought

Things I Learned While Working My Dream Job(s) Part 4

Wow!  I truly can’t believe that I am now an official blogger as of the end of this week I will have been blogging for a full month.  Not that it’s a huge accomplishment in the sense of time, but that I started and have been able to post once a week for a full month.  I, like many bloggers have been collecting ideas and thoughts for many years and it is my.. Read More

Things I Learned While Working My Dream Job(s) Part 3

Some years ago when I started my first dream job, as a fundraiser for a national nonprofit, I had no idea what I was doing, but I was young enough that I never doubted my ability to figure it out.  During my first year I relied heavily on the only person in the office that had experience with large fundraising events.  To this day I cherish the lessons she taught me and I.. Read More

Things I Learned While Working My Dream Job(s) Part 2

How many times have you heard, “Don’t take it personal” in your everyday life? Probably more than you can count and how can someone tell you not to take it personal when they aren’t the ones on the receiving end of a comment or action? This blog is about greeting lessons and here is a very good example of how to take those general comments or actions and use them to your advantage instead.. Read More

Things I Learned While Working My Dream Job(s) Part 1

I decided a few months back that I needed to consider sharing some of my most valuable “lessons learned while working my dream job; from people who really know.”  In this series I will be sharing several ideas on how I found my love and made it my everyday life. Have you ever heard the phrase “Getting the Right People on the Bus?”  It is a great concept from the Good to Great.. Read More

Welcome to the Start of My Blogging Experience!

As I stated on my “About” page, I thought this might be a way to add some value to the blogging world, by helping others take life’s lessons as they come instead of the typical dread. Therefore, the name “Greeting Lessons.”  After all, isn’t life about learning so that we can continue in our journey or pursuit of happiness?   Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you knew change was.. Read More